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Sunday, 13 January 2013

The man with the biggest BALLS!! YUPTHOES ARE REAL!!

A special condition that triggered the scrotum of Wesley Warren Jr. to grow to a massive 100 pounds made him feel like “a monster” and the Las Vegas man embark on a campaign to raise $1 million for corrective surgery.

However, given the possibility of having the surgery – even at no cost – the 47 year old, remains reluctant to undergo surgery, the news media reported.In any case, Warren’s new found fame could have gone to his head and seems to be enjoying his celebrity status. “I will make a decision when I’M ready,” said Warren.He was also concerned that physicians selected might kill him during surgery.

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According to doctors, Warren suffers from lymphedema scrotal, which causes the scrotum to swell with aqueous liquid.  A doctor at the University of California at Irvine, has been in contact with Warren, and is also offering his services for free as long as Nevada Medicaid pays for the room.

Without the growth, Warren would weigh about 300 pounds, he said. Its large size makes urination difficult and impossible for a normal sex life.He attributes his condition to a painful episode in 2008 when he turned in bed and crushing the testicles. “It was like a sharp pain through my body,” he said. “When it stopped, it was like a huge truck and trailer went off the top of me.”

Warren fears of complications during surgery are not unfounded, reportedly because doctors say there is potential for serious bleeding.

However, Warren scoffs at the idea that he is more interested in fame to cure his condition: “Who would want to live like this” he said. “I do not want to die during the operation either.

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